Colour Me Bronze Professional Brand Training

A detailed look at the Colour Me Bronze Professional Brand

The Colour Me Bronze Brand Training session will take you through everything there is to do with the Colour Me Bronze Professional Brand.

Learn about each of our solutions, our Advanced Colour Matching Technique, and our retail products.  Learn how to mix our solutions correctly to create all the different TANtails you can make.

We want you to get the best results out of our solutions so you can get the best results for your clients, so we have created this online course for you to take.

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Course Curriculum

Course Overview
Meet Your Trainer
Our Spray Tan Solution Range
How to Get the Best Results with the CMBP Solutions
Facts/Selling Points
Looking After the Spray Tan Solution
TANtailing/Advanced Colour Matching Technique
Retail Products
Promoting Colour Me Bronze Professional
How to Become a Stockist of Colour Me Bronze Professional
Colour Me Bronze Professional Partner Program
Quizzes to be completed

What's included?

13 Videos
1 Text
Kim Van Tussenbroek
Kim Van Tussenbroek
Brand Owner/International Spray Tan Stylist

About the instructor

Hello!...  I'm Kim and I am the founder of Colour Me Bronze®

I am an experienced International Spray Tan Stylist with over 30,000 spray tans completed in my 13 year career in spray tanning and am dedicated to a personalised service which ensures a flawless spray tan every time.

As an ex "baby-oil" sunbaker and solarium user for many years during my teens and early 20's I now suffer the consequences of getting too burnt on one (or actually many) of these occasions, resulting in now needing to get regular skin check-ups for skin cancer.  My goal is to help others and stop them from making the same mistakes I did. 

Spray tanning is by far the safest method of getting a tan without "baking" in the sun or under a solarium to get colour. I believe if I can convert even just one person from tanning in the sun to get a spray tan instead I have potentially saved them from getting skin cancer.

I am passionate about spray tanning, a perfectionist at heart, and am always researching and trialing new methods to make sure that I am keeping up to date with the most current tanning styles.

I have worked with an extensive amount of people and businesses including:

  • Various Celebrities and TV Personalities (both Australian and overseas clients)
  • 2DayFM
  • Dan & Maz Show
  • KiisFM
  • Kyle and Jackie O Show
  • Dana Carmont
  • Channel 7
  • House Rules TV Show
  • Channel 9
  • Gok Wan's "Style the Nation:
  • The Disney Channel
  • IMG Models
  • Chadwick Models
  • The Agency Models
  • Bras without Wires
  • Mario Testino
  • Vogue Australia
  • Bold & the Beautiful cast (when filming in Australia)

I was also the first person in Sydney to introduce 3D Tanning to the market, and am the inventor of the new 4DHD spray tanning technique.

Since no skin tone is the same, I can mix different shades of colours to suit a clients individual skin tone.  This guarantees the clients get the best colour and the most natural looking spray tan possible.  I find the best spray tan colour for their skin tone, taking into consideration what the spray tan is for... and if it is for a special event, whether it's a daytime or evening event, colour of dress/outfit client will be wearing, and of course, skin tone, eye and hair colour.  All of these factors are very important in getting the colour perfect.

I have also perfected the art of spray tanning the hands and the feet with my own technique so clients won't have to worry about any orange undertones or over-spraying in those areas. 

All of the above and more will be taught in the Colour Me Bronze training courses.  Everything that I have learnt and experienced in my years of spray tanning have been documented and converted into course information.

You are absolutely going to love learning our specialised Colour Me Bronze Poressional tanning technique which will ensure a flawless spray tan every time.

I look forward to training you soon!

What others have been saying about this course:

Elizabeth Lown


So much necessary information, easy to follow and lovely to have professional opinion as well as facts. Very excited to have these solutions in my collection

Jen Williams

Excellent Quality and Depth of Information

This is the best online training I've completed. Although it is classified as brand specific, I learned a lot about different ingredients, color theory, proper spray tanning technique and much more. Very thorough and efficiently laid out. Well org...

Wendy-Lou Staib

My Brand Training

I was very impressed with the brand training,it was explained very well and was easy to understand. I found the course very informative . Thank you 😊

Roxie Hall

Very Good!

So impressed with this training! I can't wait to use Colour Me Bronze in my salon!!

Karen Parsons

Brand Training - Karen Parsons

Absolutely fantastic training course, and I have learnt far more by doing this training than I have learnt since joining the spray tanning industry. A must for anyone in the industry. Thank you Kim for sharing your knowledge and producing your ver...

Haylee Swift

Brand Training Course

This course is phenomenal and extensively informative! I am so excited to start my career in spray tanning and I feel confident in offering CMB to my clients knowing that the ingredients are natural, cruelty free and so much more goodness!

Andrea McDougall

Brand Training

I think I've done and gone to spray tan solution heaven. Bloody fantastic!!! Can't wait to try the samples now.

Kasie Manski

great training

For a beginner it was great knowledge and very easy to learn yet full of information. thank you

Carly Green

Nothing But The Best

Kim has created the most in depth training around her products and as a spray tanner it is really refreshing to have a brand want you to know everything about their products and how best to use them. The solutions are the best I have ever used and...

Sandra Talbert

Brand Training

Wow! It was unlike any other training, I have done. It was put together well, and was original. I enjoyed it very much. Sandra Talbert

Elizabeth Collado

Wealth of knowledge

The depth and detail of this course truly helped me learn so much. I LOVE that Kim is speaking throughout the webinar... It made me feel like I was in a classroom vs just reading a book. I have learned so much and feel even more confident! THA...

Jaki Watson

Fantastic Brand Training

Wow! I have learnt so much from these fantastic training videos. I have to say... Being that I have just learnt about CMB solutions I was a little overwhelmed at first with all the choices and colours that are available, but these videos explained...

Jacey Tinsley


Great info & very helpful! Thank you!!

Deone Byrne

5 Stars

5 Stars Well thought out, easy to follow and very informative. Content was clear and concise. Came away feeling more confident and more excited about the brand

Tracey Mackay

very informative

loved this training course, it had a lot of useful information for working with different skin tones and the reasons for using different base colours for best results.

Sue Ward

Just the Best!!

After doing the Colour Me Bronze brand training I feel so much more confident in using this amazing product. Being shown all about skin tones and what colour suits each skin tone was excellent and so easy to understand. Being able to produce di...

brenna waterman

Great training!

Very thorough, extremely educational, filled with great information on how to understand the ranges of soluiton and customizing the perfect tan for each individual client!! Excellent!

Rachel Sell

very great info

very detailed information about every aspect of this brand that makes it easy to know everything you need to about the brand, ingredients, colors, and especially the info about colour matching technique is super helpful.

elizabeth madsen

Fantastic Training

I really enjoyed this training and learned so much more about this brand! Well put together and the quizzes were such a good idea. It shows that you truly care about your products and want them presented correctly and applied accurately! Thank you...

Lisa O'Sullivan

Loved the Brand Training!

So much valuable information about the CMBP brand. Highly recommend anyone using or contemplating stocking this awesome brand, to get onto it! :)

Lisa Clarke

Great course!

Great way of doing my learning, love being able to come back to it between the crazy busy of life & appreciate the notes that we can download & use :)

victoria bailey

Great training

I love doing this training as it helps you understand the brand and the soloutions. I feel super confident when talking to my clients about the CMB solutions.

Tobiann Springer


I am floored by the amount of information provided in this training! I have been intimidated by all of the colors and different ways that you can customize them for your clients. I am so glad I took the time to watch, listen and learn about the C...

Kylie Hall


This was very informative and interesting. Well played out and easy to understand, loved the voice over, so much better than just reading. ***** % stars for you

Vicki Aitken

Well worth it

i enjoyed this spray tanning training. It was very in-depth and informative, easy to understand

Jennifer Delamar-Goss

This was very informative.

I was impressed with this. This is a great webinar and I learned a lot from the information given.

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